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We are closed for the season
We are looking forward to seeing you in 2023

The Idea

Our concept has grown from a desire to be able to sit with friends and enjoy Copenhagen the best way possible. We wanted to be surrounded by water, lush green, with the sea breeze in the air and low beat funky grooves in the background. We want every facet of your Green Island experience to be of the highest quality and most importantly “hyggeligt”!

Feel the rocking waves

Floating on the waves, you feel the waves rocking the floor underneath you

Delicious cocktails

We serve a wide variety of soothing beverages - cocktails with a twist, non-alcoholic lemonades and cold beer - to cool off in the sun

Food served with love

We serve tasteful pizzas and grilled sandwiches made from high quality produce

Serving the best

It’s our belief that every gastronomical experience is more enjoyable when what’s on offer is made using the highest quality produce. Which is why we have partnered with the best pizza-makers in town to bring you delectable pizza made fresh from our wood-fired oven. Or how about one of our roast sandwiches or an organic lemonade?